Established in 2008, the Monroeville School is located at 715 Bilberry Road in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. Currently, the school is operating both Autism and Emotional Support classrooms and maintains a low student to staff ratio for optimal programming. All teachers are certified in special education by the Pennsylvania Department of Education; several staff have master’s level degrees. New Story in Monroeville is licensed for students 5-21 with Emotional Disorders, Autism, Intellectual Disabilities and Learning Disabilities. Licensed counselors are on staff to respond to mental health needs.

The Monroeville School serves between 10-15 surrounding school districts. Students have been successfully transitioned back to their home district since 2008 or graduated from the program.

The curriculum at the Monroeville School is individualized and designed to foster high levels of student growth and achievement. New Story utilizes a variety of curriculums based on the level of needs associated with each student, and aligned to the Common Core Standards. Student’s needing Verbal Behavioral Programming participate in Intensive teaching (IT), using the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP), which has improved student verbal language skills at the Monroeville School. Students also work on daily living skills, employment skills and social skills through their individualized academic programs.