Classroom Support Staff

Position Title: Classroom Support Staff
Location: Monroeville School
Status: Full-Time

Position Description:
The Classroom Support Staff works collaboratively with the Special Education Teacher to fulfill the curricular and behavioral needs of the students.

•High School Diploma or equivalency
Work Experience:
• Minimum of six months paid experience working with individuals with behavioral/learning disabilities; OR
• Six months experience working with individuals with behavioral/learning disabilities gained through an internship as part of a college degree program in education, social services/work, psychology, mental/behavioral health, or related field.

Responsibilities: (overview-not inclusive of all duties)
•Work collaboratively with members of the multi-disciplinary team to implement appropriate services in accordance with the child’s Individual Education Plan, with focus on both the academic and behavioral/therapeutic goals.
•Implement appropriate behavior management strategies and techniques and assist, monitor and guide students to pay attention, participate in activities and complete tasks
•Observe and record necessary data to assist student with development of independent skills outlined in Individualized Education Plan.
•Accompany, monitor and assist student in designated setting (school, outdoors, field-trips).
•Utilize non-violent crisis intervention techniques and physically assist, as needed.

If interested, contact
Denise Rechtorik

Substitute Nurse

Position Title: Substitute Nurse
Location: Indiana/Monroeville Schools
Status: PRN

Position Description:
The nurse is responsible for overseeing and implementing the health program in the school and extended school year programs. The nurse focuses on the needs of both the individual student and program setting. The nurse is responsible for the delivery of health services, including the medication management program and advocating for the health rights of children.


Work Experience: 
• Current licensure by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse.
• Must have a minimum of one year of experience providing nursing services to children.

Responsibilities: (overview-not inclusive of all duties)
• Provide first-aid care as needed and document appropriately.
• Manage medical emergencies and communicate with family members, emergency medical personnel and/or the child’s physician regarding the event of the medical emergency.
• Collect and ensure medical history, physical exams and vaccinations are current for all students.
• Communicate and/or collaborate as necessary with parents/guardians pharmacists, physicians and/or other members of the child’s healthcare team.
• Collaborate with personnel, families and other members of the team to develop an Individualized Health Plan consistent with the specific medical needs of the child.
• Administer prescribed medications and monitor the effectiveness of the medication.
• Ensure corresponding physician orders are on file for prescribed medications.

If interested in this position please contact:
Denise Rechtorik

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